The much-anticipated new season of #BBNaija premiered on July 24, 2023, with an exciting lineup of previous housemates.

#BBNaija All-Stars


With an array of personalities and winners from different editions, the show is set for a thrilling competition.

However, as the drama went on on opening day, viewers were left wondering whether some housemates deserved another chance at the cash prize.

1. Mercy Eke -The Pepper Dem Queen

One of the most prominent faces in the #BBNaija house, Mercy Eke, made history as the first female winner during the Pepper Dem season.

Taking home the $60 million prize along with numerous other rewards, her popularity soared after her triumph.


However, her return as a housemate in this new season has raised eyebrows among fans and critics alike.

Concerns have been voiced that Mercy’s presence in the house could create an uneven playing field for other housemates.

As a previous winner, she holds a huge advantage over her fellow contestants in terms of experience, strategy, and public support.

2. White Money – The Shine Ya Eye

Another familiar face among the housemates is White Money, the winner of the Shine Ya Eye season.


Taking home a $30 million cash prize, along with a car and a house, his charisma and business acumen won the hearts of many viewers.

However, his inclusion in the new season has been met with mixed reactions.


While White Money’s presence adds a certain level of excitement and entertainment, some critics believe that his previous victory may give him an unfair advantage.

3. Frood – A Man With Responsibilities

Among the housemates, Frood stands out as a previous participant from the Pepper Dem season.

While he didn’t emerge as the winner during his previous season, he still made a mark on the show.

However, his current circumstances have led to doubts about his suitability for participating in the new season.

Frood’s situation is unique, as he has a pregnant wife to support.

Given the immense cash prize of ₦120 million at stake, the temptation to secure financial stability for his family may be strong.

However, viewers have expressed concern that being on the show could take him away from his responsibilities during a crucial time in his family life.

Despite the potential life-changing prize, some argue that being a part of Big Brother might not be the right choice for him at this moment.

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