Ever wondered what the Ballon d’Or trophy is made up of and how much is it worth? We have you covered.

Ballon d'Or: See How Much It Worth
Ballon d or

Every year, footballers battle for one of the most glittering and valuable pieces of individual awards in the beautiful game – the Ballon d’or, awarding by France Football in an annual gala event.


Literally, it translates to ‘Golden Ball’ in the English language, but is it made up of gold?

We explore what the trophy is worth, materials used in its production and more.


The Ballon d’Or trophy is not entirely made up of gold.

It is first shaped from a wax-like material, while the surface of the ball is covered with five kilograms of 18-carat gold.


Apart from the wax-like material at its core, and the surface is made up of brass plates that are soldered together in the shape of a ball, to be covered by gold and rooted on a base of pyrite – also known as iron pyrite or fool’s gold.

The trophy, in its current guise, is currently estimated to be worth approximately €3,000 (approximately $2,920).

However, the aforesaid valuation is only considering the raw materials that go into crafting the masterpiece.

The inflated value can swell to over €500,000.


The trophy award from the gold-plated ball to its pyrite base measures around 31 centimeters in height and 23 centimeters in diameter, and weighs a little over seven kilograms.

Changes In The Ballon d’Or Trophy

From the first Ballon d’Or awarded in 1956, the present version of the trophy has remained the same from 1983.


The older guise of the trophy was identical to the award that will be given out today.

But a bit smaller in size and much more mellowed down as far as the bling factor goes.

Whereas the Women’s Ballon d’or, since its first edition in the year 2018, has remained the same.

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Lastly, the Ballon d’Or winners do not get the actual trophy but a replica version of the same that is mostly housed at their respective clubs or placed at museums.

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