It is almost very likely that, if the government makes agriculture more attractive to practice, there would be an increased participation from youth?

Make Agriculture more attractive to Youth

At a time when Nigeria, the most populous black nation is plagued with food insecurity and high rising food prices.


The Lagos State Commissioner for Agriculture, Abisola Olusanya has stated that government needs to change its approach to agriculture.

Olusanya said, the three tiers of government must change their approach to agriculture sector to make it attractive to many youths.

The commissioner made this call while speaking at an event with the theme: “Food Security in Nigeria: Challenges and Remedies.”

Olusanya, criticised the discouraging perception around agriculture and food production in the country.

She also noted that the sector had been relegated to much to the background.

The commissioner said it would sincerely be difficult to improve the sector unless Nigerians change their mindset.

Olusanya noted the absence of any role model that would attract people in the profession, among others.


“There is a need for mindset-change; people are not attracted to agriculture, there are no role models in the agriculture sector to attract people into the sector.

“Our leaders should know that it is a sector that cannot be relegated, it is not less important than other sectors,” she said.



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