Arsenal keeper Aaron Ramsdale has been savaged on social media as supporters react to the admission that he struggles to concentrate for 90 minutes.

Aaron Ramsdale Savaged On Social Media
Aaron Ramsdale

The England international has lost his place in the Gunners team at present, with summer signing David Raya taking over between the sticks.


Plenty were shocked at that decision from Mikel Arteta.

However, Ramsdale was famed for his reflexes and confidence with the ball at his feet.


He has made the odd error at times.

However, he has never being afraid to interact with rival supporters, and conceded during a Behind The Game chat with Arsenal icon Ian Wright that he needs distractions in order to help him realign focus on match day.


Ramsdale said: “If you ask me to focus on a game of football for 90 minutes I’m finished.

“I can’t do it. So that’s why I get involved with the fans and I sing along with the songs.

“Someone’s giving me abuse, I’ll turn around and give them a bit back.

“I have had my two/three minutes of sort of madness in my head – straight back to the football.


“I’ve got 10/15 minutes of pure concentration again.

“Next thing you know, half-time is around.”


Also, former Arsenal striker Wright struggled to hide his surprise at Ramsdale offering advice to rivals on a potential weakness in his game.

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However, fans have suggested that the 25-year-old should have kept that secret to himself – with some pointing out goals that could have been a direct result of Ramsdale losing focus, including one effort scored by Southampton in which the Three Lions star appeared to be distracted by a bird.

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