While the government in power in Nigeria says they have delivered free, fair and credible elections, some persons wonder what those words truly mean.

One person that has very pertinent question for politicians in the just concluded elections in Nigeria is Oseni Rufai.


He is a popular Nigerian journalist, speaker, and TV host. He wants politicians who won different positions to search their conscience deeply and answer a few questions.

Let us leave the Presidential election and look at the one that most recent one – governorship and House of Assembly elections.

This last election offered INEC, security agencies and political parties another opportunity to build truth in the hearts of Nigerians, but what did they do.

A few questions will help them determine what they actually did.


The gubernatorial elections that took place on March 18, 2023, came with viral videos showing how voters were disenfranchised by acts of thuggery and intimidation by political party members and supporters in some states.

In one polling unit, the ballot box was drawn from the drainage like Moses from River Nile.

The situation left many questions in the minds of voters, who were promised a free and fair election by INEC.

Did You Really Win?

“What did you win?


“Did you win the confidence or intimidation and fear of the people?

“Did you win their belief or disbelief in what Nigeria has become sadly?” Rufai quarried politicians who won at different levels.


Again he asked: “Did you truly win them over, or did you win chaos on the streets?

“Did you win the togetherness or division of the people because of your own innately selfish benefits?

“Did you win the love or disgust of the people?”

“So, I ask again, for all of those who won by coercing the people, what did you win?”

“One day will come, we will grow old and be in our dying beds and take a panoramic view of our lives; would you truly say this is a moment you are proud of?”

“Would you really tell your children that this is a moment I can bequeath to you as my legacy?”

There is jubilation and one will only hope that thugs jubilating for grabbing the mandate will not end up killing more persons with their free arms.

Was It A Sweet Victory?

Furthermore, while these celebrations happen, Rufai asked: “Would you truly say it was a sweet victory?

“Because after all is said and done, life will have stripped you to bare knuckles; it will be a preparation to meet your maker; you are no longer who you used to be.

“It is going to be you and your conscience.

“What will you say to yourself about this moment?”

“I believe Nigeria can heal despite the brokenness in the country today.”

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Also, he encouraged those who had won through the affirmations of the people to keep doing the good work and win the trust of the people.

He ended the video by asking: “In all of this, have we truly won the togetherness of the people?”.

Only politicians who seek positions and the largess they get with the do or die mentality will answer these questions.


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