Wole Soyinka has come under heat from Nigerians concerning a statement he made at an event.

In fact, that statement gave most Nigerians who use social media a unique name.

wole soyinka
wole soyinka

Nobel laureate Professor Wole Soyinka is of the opinion that barbarians have taken over the social media space in Nigeria.

While speaking at a function in Ogun State recently, the professor said that in other cultures, social media is being used as a means of interaction because of the intellectual content and reasoned engagements being deployed by users.


However, he said in Nigeria, the reverse  was the case, as those who ‘dragged it down have swapped the intellectual quotient aspect of it’.

“Phobia About Others?”

He said the situation had degenerated to the point where even a mere disagreement in an election could lead to one being labelled on social media as ‘having a phobia about others’.


“In a situation where disagreement in an election can lead to one being labelled something like a phobia or whatever, the social media is awash with accusations of one being a kind of ethnophobic.

“It seems so strange to me, but that is what we have been reduced to. And when that kind of accusation comes, there is no need or value in trying to say you are not.

“You just say, ‘Thank you very much! The complement of ethnophobia is ethnophilia.

“I’m astonished and flabbergasted that people are so power-besotted that they can’t even accept the possibility that they did not win an election.


“It does not matter whether you are right or wrong, or whether they are right. It is just a question.

“Wole Soyinka Doesn’t Deal With Social Media”

“Take your facts to the table, let’s examine them carefully, and consider the possibility that we may be wrong or you may be wrong, but you don’t have to descend into demonisation of the group to which others belong to establish your point. I don’t deal with social media.


“As far as I’m concerned, barbarians have taken over social media, and they have swapped the intellectual quotient that used to make and still makes social media valid in other societies.

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“Here in this country, social media has been dragged down to the lowest common denominator.

“However, I believe in the community of intellect, minds, and creativity to rescue us from the monstrosity that social media has become in this country.”


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