Have you ever wondered why Nigeria’s economy is struggling, while its leaders go round and round looking for money lenders?

Isn’t it also worrisome to know that Nigeria has some sectors that can contribute immensely to the growth of the economy, yet these sectors are not getting the needed investments attention? 


Permit us to ask one more question.

Do you really think that the Nigerian government is going about this economic revival plan the right way?

With Proper Investment In Agriculture, FG Can Generate $50bn - FACAN

Indeed, “to everything, there is a time; a time to sow and a time to reap”.

But when a man fails to sow at the appropriate time, he stands the risk of not having anything to reap during harvest.


You see, Nigeria’s attention shifted away from agriculture to crude oil and forgot that the high economic buoyancy the country enjoyed in the 70’s was due to agriculture’s contribution to the GDP.

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Currently, the nation’s economy is almost preparing to enter into another recession if care is not taken.

Food Shortage And Scarcity

Though the administration of President Bola Tinubu is trying to adopt internet  and implementing diverse policies but most times forget to include the agricultural sector in its plans.


This is happening at a time when Nigeria is witnessing food shortage and scarcity of Forex.

One group is seeing the gold mine in the agric sector and it is pointing fingers at it for the government.


It will improve Nigeria’s foreign exchange earnings, the Federation of Agricultural Commodity Associations of Nigeria (FACAN) says.

According to the association, all it will take is proper investment in the nation’s agricultural sector.

The Chairman Board of Trustees of FACAN, Dr Victor Iyama, said the sector had the potential to contribute over $50 billion to the economy if there is proper investment in the sector.

Iyama made this known at the Agro-Commodity Roundtable Dialogue, Dinner and Recognition night organised by FACAN in Abuja.

The event which had stakeholders in attendance, was themed: ‘Building Stronger Economy through Agro-Commodity Value Chain Development and International Cooperation’.

Also, Iyama said the association aims to grow the agricultural sector, increase the sector’s contribution to the GDP and most importantly, to bring in the needed foreign exchange to the country.

Be Ready To Work

According to him, agriculture alone can bring in about $50 billion if not more.

He urged everyone, to be ready to work towards that goal.

“I have always said it, the most important sector in this country today is agriculture.

“There are four areas that can make us double our foreign exchange earning to over $100 billion and they are agriculture, solid minerals, IT and entertainment industry.”

The FACAN BoT, said that if Nigeria would decide to develop these sectors and concentrate on them, the country would witness unimaginable foreign exchange earnings.

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Furthermore, Iyama wants every willing Nigerian to return to agriculture in order to create wealth, grow a sustainable food production strategy.

It Is Not Outside

All of these would ensure the adequate feeding of this generation and the next.

“We should all go back to our agriculture. One thing that can never finish or dry up is the soil, that is where we get all the food and solid minerals.

“The first thing is for all of us gathered here to look inwards, the wealth is in this country.

”it is not outside and we must all put our hands together to make sure that we harness the wealth of this country for the benefits of the generations unborn”, he added.

What could be more appropriate to so now than to think of how you can grow something that can feed your home and some other persons.

The government of President Tinubu says it will make soft grants available for anyone who is willing to put his or her hands to the plough.

In the video below, you will see how the price of rice is rising and what you should be doing right now.


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