The Super Eagles’ victory at the African Cup of Nations (AFCON) semi-final brought joy to Nigerians, but it also brought sudden death which has left some families in mourning.

In times like this, Nigerians, particularly those with health-related issues have to be extremely careful.

Why Nigerians With Hypertension Should Not Watch AFCON Final
Remi Omowaiye

A number of advice have popped up on social media and other news platforms, however, this one you are about reading is of great importance.

A former Osun State Commissioner for Works, Remi Omowaiye, has issued a cautionary advice to Nigerians suffering from hypertension.


He advised them to steer clear of the upcoming final match of the African Cup of Nations (AFCON) on Sunday.

The Semi-final

This warning comes in the wake of reports that some football fans succumbed to shock during the semi-final clash where the Super Eagles of Nigeria triumphed over the Bafana Bafana of South Africa.


Omowaiye released a statement in Osogbo, sharing his own experience of anxiety during the semi-final.

Especially during the tense moments when Nigeria had a penalty awarded against them towards the end of the game.

Reflecting on his reaction, he disclosed his decision to avoid watching the final match live.

He has opted instead to view the replay after knowing the outcome, to spare himself the emotional and physical stress.


Dedicated Supporters

Moreover, Omowaiye called upon the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) to honour the memory of the fans who tragically lost their lives while following the semi-final match.

He emphasised the importance of acknowledging and paying tribute to the dedicated supporters.


To him, those who passed away in such circumstances deserve recognition and remembrance.

The statement reads: “The Super Eagles of Nigeria should mourn those who died while watching the semi-final match on Wednesday.

“I want to advise Nigerians in their interest, especially those managing hypertension.

Nigerians With Hypertension

“They should not watch the final match on Sunday. They better wait till the game ends and watch the replay.

“The way I felt particularly when a penalty was awarded against Nigeria during the semi-final match, I had never felt like that in my whole life.

“I was shivering.

“Even after the match, I was still shivering. I advise Nigerians managing hypertension to avoid watching the final match.

“NFF needs to mourn people who died as a result of shock during the semi-final match.

“A leader of APC in Delta State, Dr Cairo, passed out during the match, and a notable Nigerian businessman operating in Cote D’Ivoire also died.

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The Deputy Bursar of a university in Kwara State also passed out.

“It was also reported that a Corps member in Kaduna also slumped and died during the match.

“Those are the ones reported.

“There may be several other unreported cases”.

One way to make use of this piece of advice is to first find out your status.

Check your blood pressure regularly to know what the numbers are saying.


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