Indeed, this year’s African Cup of Nations (AFCON) is nothing short of its usual glamour and spectacle, spiced with suspense. In fact, it is even more.

The intrigue is definitely out of this world, and for Nigerians, this year’s tournament means so much to them.

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Real Life Lessons From AFCON 2023

It is the only thing that brings joy to their hearts and leaving that beam of smile on their faces even as the hardship and hunger continue to bite harder.

Now, Nigeria has progressed to the finals, and one cannot, but imagine the joy that lifting that trophy will bring to Nigerians.


Lessons From AFCON

The tournament has been filled with drama and so many twists, popping up real life lessons that one can learn from.

Let’s delve into a few lessons we can learn from the 2023 AFCON.


1.  The Law Of Second Chance

We will start with the host country, Ivory Coast.

They lost two out of three group matches but still, they got to the final.

They had a second chance and took it seriously.

Here’s our advice to you, never joke with the second chance life gives you. You must first understand that you must never give up on yourself. If you quit, who loses? You, of course.


2.  The Theory Of Defeat

Also, Ivory Coast were beaten 4-0 by Equatorial Guinea.
Yet, they bounced back to the final while Equatorial Guinea got eliminated.

Don’t write anyone off. You won today doesn’t mean you are the best. Don’t look down on the person you defeated yesterday.


South African goalkeeper stopped 4 penalties against Cape Verde and grew so confident in himself.

His confidence boosted the entire team’s morale, so much that they wanted the match against Nigeria to end in penalties so that they will win.

But against Nigeria, he couldn’t stop any penalty, instead the Nigerian keeper stopped 2 and won.

Take this lesson with you, don’t be too confident in yourself.

3.  The Distraction

From this tournament, we have seen the importance of distraction, and how it can work for one’s good, while destroying the other.

All the defenders were on Osimhen, they did all they could to stop him, even four of his goals were disallowed, such is life, but they didn’t take note of Ademola Lookman.

You see, your real enemy may not be who you are fighting. Don’t be distracted.

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Kelechi Iheanacho didn’t play the previous 5 matches.

Surprised how he came in late into the 6th game and became the hero?

All you need to be a hero could just be one kick and not 100 kicks. Opportunity, they say comes but once. So, when it comes, grab it with both hands and make the most of your moment.


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