Tunde Onakoya is a Nigerian chess master, coach and founder of Chess in Slums Africa.

He aims to break the Guinness World record for the longest unbeaten chess marathon, currently set at 56 hours, 9 minutes, and 37 seconds.

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Things to Know About the Chess Board Game

The 58-hour event began on April 17 in Times Square, New York, and ends on April 19. Here are few things you should know about chess boards game.

Understanding The Basics: Rules and Setup of Chess

Life is rich with lessons, and whether you’re pursuing a skill or hobby, it all starts with mastering the basics.

Get acquainted with the basic rules of chess and master setting up the board correctly before diving into your first game.

Mastering the movements and capabilities of each chess piece is crucial for developing effective strategies and strategically planning moves.


Discover effective opening strategies to control the center, develop pieces, and establish a strong board position for success.

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Enhance tactical skills by identifying patterns and anticipating opponent moves.

Discover crucial endgame techniques and principles to transition from the middle game to a winning endgame scenario.


Furthermore, Gaining mastery over chess entails using clever strategies to improve abilities and outsmart competitors making it an exciting and challenging game.


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