The ruling of the Supreme Court which affirmed the victory of President Bola Tinubu may not have come to many as a surprise.

However, many others had expected a different outcome, especially with the controversies in the certificate forgery issue whipped up after the Appeal Court verdict.

#TinubuMustGo: Peter Obi Reveals Plan After Supreme Court Ruling
Peter Obi

However, as predicted by some Nigerians, the move to approach the Supreme Court was just a waste of time and resources, and sooner than later, their predictions played out before the millions of persons who paid keen attention to the proceedings.

Now, the presidential candidate of the Labour Party (LP), Peter Obi, on Saturday, revealed his next plan after the Supreme Court ruling that struck out his petitions against President Bola Tinubu.


Black History

The apex court affirmed the victory of President Tinubu in the February 25, 2023 election.

Mr. Obi had attended an event to celebrate Black History Month at Oxford University.


He told the gathering that he would not stop seeking elective office until he dismantles the crime scene in Nigeria.

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Obi said he left a huge financial investment to join politics and contest for the 2003 Anambra governorship election.

He further stated that despite his financial loss, he had a sense of fulfillment that he joined politics to change certain things.


This Is Just The Beginning

Obi said: “Looking back now, as difficult as it is and with all the things I have lost, I have a sense of fulfillment that at least I can say I changed this and changed that.

“As I was coming here today somebody asked me how do you feel about contesting the election for the office of the president and what has happened.


“I said let me tell you, this is just the beginning. We won’t stop until we dismantle that crime scene. That is basically how I feel.

“For me, we need to all come together to make Africa, including Nigeria, work and collectively, the black world”.

What Is Lacking?

Obi said Africa was the most unexplored and unproductive continent in the world.

He added that what was lacking in the development of Africa was leadership. The continent can turn around within a small space of time, he believes.

The LP presidential candidate when asked to react to the recent Supreme Court ruling declined to comment, saying he would write down his thoughts later.


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