It’s almost the end of the year again and people will start rushing to accomplish what they couldn’t all through the year.

In this group are those who promised themselves that they would become rich this year but are yet to get there.


Such people may start looking for means of getting this personal resolution ticked off on their bucket list.

Safety Tips This Christmas Season
Safety Tips This Christmas Season

You see, as we gradually draw to the close of the year, you might want to be extremely careful when you go out.


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Because there are people who are working with the get-rich syndrome or mentality and would do anything humanly possible to hit it.


Some of these people probably left their village with the belief that they would make it in no time when they got to Lagos.

Others have traveled abroad but have now been deported without making it, yet they want to storm their village like they already made it.

So here are a few things you need to watch out for this season.

Extremely Dangerous Guys

Girls in particular should be wary of guys who want to make quick money or are ready to make money anyhow.


Because they might be out to perpetrate money rituals ahead of Christmas.

Terrible Liars

Guys who fall into this category are terrible liars, they will be doing ‘borrow-shine’ for ladies.


They will pretend to be rich and borrow clothes, money, and even cars to mesmerise a lady.

Don’t Enter One-Chance Bus

Vigilance is key to surviving this season, so be extremely cautious. Do not just enter a bus look very well at the people inside and be observant.

Don’t say God is watching me then walk inside a trap without using your brain to calculate.

There could be many One-Chance vehicles this season.

Avoid Lifts And Free Rides

Avoid lifts and free rides because you may just be on your way to a place where dangerous things could happen.

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As for ladies who like to hop into big cars, take a deep thought about what you want to do.

Have Pepper Spray In Purse

Always have something with which to destabilise people trying to overpower you this Christmas.

If it gets to a time you have to self-defend yourself, have something to help you achieve it.

It gives you a little window of escape if you are a smart lady.

A pepper spray in your handbag or purse can do that magic.


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