Popular American singer, actress and television personality, Cher wasted no time in disclosing what she thinks every woman should try at least once in their lifetime.


The singer who is 77, got candid about the one thing all women should do once in their life during Friday’s episode of “Chicken Soup Date” with host Amelia Dimoldenberg.
“Go out with a younger man,” she said.

Cher, who is dating 37-year-old Alexander Edwards, then gushed over her romance with the music executive, revealing their romance heated up over text.


The Grammy winner said: “I left to go to Switzerland and he texted me, ‘Where are you going?’ I said ‘I’m going to Switzerland.

I’m a little tired,’ and then he wrote me, ‘Well, get some rest, babyyy, with three Ys.”

“And I’m like, ‘He doesn’t know me well enough to put three Ys on baby.’ I was kind of pissed off. And then he just started texting me.”

Cher Falls In Love

She explained it was never her intention to fall for someone 40 years her junior.

“I told my friends, don’t fall in love with a younger man, we’re too old. And don’t fall in love by text. There goes that theory,” Cher continued.

Cher revealed Edwards purchased her a ring that she “wears all the time.”

The couple met at Paris Fashion Week in fall 2022 and hit it off after “about 15 minutes.”


They reportedly called it quits in May 2023 but seemingly got back together a few months later.

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Cher has admitted she’s head over heels for him as the two “just get each other.”

“I hate to talk about how happy I am, but… We have a great time together,” she told Extra in October. “We can talk music and everything. He’s got a great sense of humor …. We just get each other.”

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