There is always a good thing that comes from raising an alarm for a just course. If not, the University of Calabar may not have known how devastation a man, Prof Cyril Ndifon, who is supposed to deliver knowledge that dignifies a woman, was demanding from the young girls. 

Now, he will have to face the music to which he is the DJ.

Prof. Cyril Ndifon
Prof. Cyril Ndifon

Indeed, young girls had throng the compounds of the institution, calling for his head on a platter. Now their journey to getting justice has started.

After protests that rocked the school, the institution has suspended the dean of the Faculty of Law, Professor Ndifon over alleged sexual harassment of female students.


His suspension was contained in a letter dated August 17, 2023, and signed by the institution’s registrar, Gabriel Egbe.

The letter said Ndifon was suspended for violation of the provisions of the extant laws and policies of the institution.


However, students are only hoping that, this time, justice would be served.

Past History

Their reason is that in 2015, Ndifon was arrested, detained, and suspended by the university over the same accusations of sexually assaulting female students.

In that protests that occurred a few days ago, female law students carried placards and protested on campus, calling for his removal.

Some of the placards had inscriptions such as, “Ndifon must go!” “We’re tired of sucking dicks for marks”, “Law girls are not bonanza,” and “Prof Ndifon must stop grabbing our bum bums”.


Now, the letter from the school’s management is bearing signs that their demands have been considered.

According to the letter, the suspension came on the heels of Ndifon’s response to a query earlier issued to him by the University management.


The Panel

The Vice Chancellor was said to be dissatisfied with Professor Ndifon’s response to the query issued to him.

As a result, the VC directed that Ndifon be relieved of his position as Dean and placed on suspension.

The authorities referred the matter to a panel that would be set up to investigate the allegations levelled against him.

The letter read: “Please refer to our letter Ref UC/REG/DISC.45A dated August 14, 2023, on your alleged violation of the provisions of the extant laws and policies of the University and your response to the said letter, which was dated 16th August 2023.

“The Vice Chancellor has gone through your written representations and is not satisfied with your explanations.

“She has therefore directed that you should be relieved of your position as Dean, Faculty of Law, and placed on suspension while the matter is referred to a panel that will be set up to investigate these allegations.

Stay Away From UNICAL

“The relieving of position as Dean, Faculty of Law, and suspension from official duties take effect from August 17, 2023.

“You are to hand over all university property in your possession.

“This includes all official responsibilities presently handled by you, to the Sub-Dean of the Faculty before vacating office.

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”Also, you are to stay away from the University premises.

Except while responding to invitations from the panel investigating these allegations”.

Sexual extortion is one crime that is common in Nigeria’s institution.

Years ago, when video gradually began to gain visibility online, a lecturer was locked up by a young girl when he came to get his demand for sex met.

This demand by the students will further deepen the power of students to ask for justice from authorities when a lecturer decides to walk the road of sexual extortion.


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