The hardship in Nigeria is really holding Nigerians by the neck. In fact, a market woman in an undisclosed location was recorded begging President Bola Tinubu to step down and allow someone younger to handle the economy.

The current situation has sparked a number of protests in Nigeria, as people look for better ways to express their displeasure.

Bola Tinubu

Now, in a viral video, a woman could be seen lamenting over the soaring food prices while other voices could be heard in the background.

Set Nigeria Free

The market trader insisted that the suffering in Nigeria was too much. Furthermore, she urged the president to set the country free and allow someone else to take over the reins of power.


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Speaking in Yoruba, the deeply agitated vendor said: “Derica of rice is now 1200, 1300.


“You are begging us but is it by force.

“Resign and let someone who is younger take over power.

“This is too much. Set us free Tinubu, Emilokan. The debt is too much”.

Currently, we cannot verify the origin of the video of the market woman. However, we know it was first published on TikTok.


The video carries a TikTok logo on it, indicating it had been posted on TikTok before it got to X (Twitter).

Watch the video below:




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