To say that Nigerians are suffering is an understatement with what is going on in the country.

Shebi they say, children born into wealthy homes ought to eat chicken instead of bones.


So why are the citizens suffering in a land supposedly flowing with milk and honey.

See How Market Prices Of Foodstuff Is Rising

There are many young Nigerians who are questioning why they were born in a country like Nigeria.

A country supposed to be flowing with milk and honey but where the reality is hunger and starvation.


Policies are made on a daily basis but all the poor man on the street is searching for is where his next meal will come from.

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Insecurity and inflation have adversely affected the economy that things are now so expensive in the country.

While the currency continues to be devalued considering the fact that Nigeria is an importing country with nothing to export.


Rising Price Of Food In The Market

A recent market survey showed that one pack of Spaghetti is now ₦‎950, the same Spaghetti used to be sold for ₦‎80.

The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), on Thursday said Nigeria’s inflation rate climbed to 29.90% in January 2024.


Nigerians have suffered more in the last 9 months than in the entire 64 years it has been independent.

The prices of staple food is no longer affordable to the mass of the population who are suffering in silence

Market findings revealed that one carton of Titus fish which used to be ₦‎40,000, is now ₦‎76,000.

Those who are still able to afford a medium size of Blue Band butter that was once ₦‎500, and now ₦‎1,400, are considered rich people.

Market Findings

The price of 50kg bag of rice is now ₦‎77,000 from ₦‎35,000, while a 100kg bag of dry white old maize that used to be ₦‎18,000 is now sold for ₦‎58,000.

And government is wondering why it is now more fashionable to go and earn in dollars abroad than to stay back in Nigeria.

Prices of other food items include: one packaged Titus sardine which used to be ₦‎350, is now ₦‎1,020, a single pack of Indomie is now ₦‎150 from ₦‎50.

The smallest size of Semovita now goes for ₦‎700 from ₦‎300, while the price of a small goat has risen from ₦‎15,000 to ₦‎35,000.

Garri that was formerly reserved for the poor has now become a part of rich people meal.

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So a paint bucket of garri now sells for ₦‎3,000 from ₦‎1,000, the price of a paint bucket of beans has risen from ₦‎1,500 to ₦‎5,000.

Furthermore, a big loaf of Butterfield bread that at a time cost ₦‎350 is now ₦‎1,500.

The cheapest toothpaste, which is MyMy, now costs ₦‎500 from ₦‎150


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