The insecurity in Nigeria seems to be spreading faster than expected.

Bandits are gathering confidence by the day, unleashing terror in places people would least expect.


Just recently, our brothers and sisters in Abuja, who had gotten very used to the peace and serenity in the city experienced insecurity like never before.

Terrorists Attack: How Safe Is Lagos?
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No one ever imagined that Abuja, the country’s seat of power would come under such terror.

But, right before our very eyes, it happened.

For weeks, these terrorists turned Abuja into their office.


In fact, if not for the quick and strong response from the government, only God knows what would have become of Abuja.

The Lagos Attack

Now, here comes these terrorists to Lagos, the commercial hub of Nigeria.

Early on Saturday, April 13, Lagos State was attacked, as a matter of fact, this attack is the first of its kind in the busy city.

The incident happened at Egan Oriomi Otto Awori Local Council Development Area of Ojo, in Lagos State.


On that day, gunmen attacked the Lagos community, leaving no fewer than 15 houses burnt, and a one-year-old child burnt beyond recognition.

The gunmen, numbering over 100, invaded the Lagos community in the early hours of Saturday, setting several houses on fire.


According to reports, 10 persons were shot by the gunmen.

Meanwhile, others sustained deep matchet cuts in parts of their bodies, including a 90-year-old man.

Many Questions

The father of the burnt one-year-old child was spotted carrying the charred remains of his son with tears flowing down his cheeks.

As we speak, no group has claimed responsibility for the attack.

Indeed, to be forewarned is to be forearmed.

This attack on Lagos has sparked many questions.

How did over 100 gunmen find their way into Lagos?

If they did not come into Lagos, because we have heard stories of how difficult it is, that means these gunmen are residents of the state.

If they are not, they may be in border towns.

Also, many people have questioned the safety of the state.

How safe is Lagos?

Now, people are eagerly seeking an answer to this question.

Well, it is only the state government that can say if the state is safe or not.

But from our observations, the state is still as busy as usual, people are going about their normal hustle.

Perhaps, they are waiting to hear of another attack before they come to realise that there may be trouble lurking.

What To Expect

If the terrorists that go about attacking different states, are the ones that have found their way to Lagos State, then the government needs to take action now.

Let’s not forget that Lagos is nearly a ‘one-way in, one-way out’ state, and also, with the fast development, there are no bushes or thick forests.

This will make it difficult for the terrorists to kidnap people, as they may not be able to transport them. Also, they will also not have a place to keep the hostages.

That is why, as in the case of Ojo, Lagos State, these gunmen did not kidnap anyone, just unleashing mayhem and destruction.

Also, if nothing is done early, it may just become a killing spree for the terrorists.

What You Should Do

Now that we are aware of this potential threat, we must not wait for the government to fight alone.

We also must be involved in the fight.

If you notice any suspicious activity, persons, or group of persons, do well to notify the police immediately.

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Try to get familiar with people in your environment, be inquisitive about what they do, where they work, where they are from, etc.

You are not poking your nose into someone’s affairs; you are only trying to be security conscious.

You see, these terrorists, the people that supply them information, etc, live among us.


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