Are you one of those who engage in calling people to request for urgent 2k? Do you know that a regular call to request for urgent #2k can tarnish your image?

Have you ever thought of how the person you are asking for urgent #2k sees you each time you call?


urgent 2k

Really, we know that the current economic situation in Nigeria is affecting the pocket of everybody, both the rich and poor.

As Nigeria’s economy struggles to get out of the self inflicted inflation, many Nigerians have become more concerned with how to offset their ever increasing bills in the face of the economic hardship.

The price of fuel has more than doubled, resulting in an unprecedented increase in the price of food items.


In fact, while prices are on a rat race towards the sky, workers are getting slapped left, right centre with different types of taxes.

This situation has left some Nigerians, who find it extremely difficult to carry the burden of their bills alone, to rely on reaching out to friends and family members for assistance.

The idea of reaching out to seek help or assistance, on its own is not bad in itself but making it a way of life is the problem.

In Nigeria today, the system of calling to request for urgent #2k has become a scheme for coning people off their money.


Really, this system is fast becoming a way of life for many, especially girls.

In this article, we shall take a look at a few reasons you should avoid calling to request for urgent #2k


Here are 4 very important ones:

1.  You Lose Self-worth And Value

When a person becomes fond of calling different people to request for money from them, at some point such a person starts to lose self worth and value to those people.

It gradually dents the person’s image before those called to make monetary request.

They start to see you as a problem, some start to detest you, while others lose their respect for you.

Sadly, sooner than you think, you they begin to make excuses to avoid you.

2.   Urgent 2k Can Not Solve Your Problem

One urgent 2k, alone is not enough to attend to a person’s financial needs.

It might take care of transport fare, breakfast or dinner but after that, you will become stranded, back to point zero.

Except you have series of friends that you request for this urgent 2k from.

Also, chances are that they will discuss you when they sit to talk.

A person who engages in requesting for urgent 2k will need more urgent 2k’s to do other things.

This bad habit you now form will gradually make you a con star.

3.  People Will Avoid Picking Your Calls

You see, the situation in Nigeria is not peculiar to you who is always requesting for help.

The person you are requesting from has his or her own concerns. Really, the individual could begin to avoid you or your calls.

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Once you call and he/she sees the caller, the desire to pick such calls immediately disappears, because they can already anticipate the reason you are calling.

While some may later bar your number, others might just stop picking your calls.

4.  It Is A Scamming Technique

Unfortunately, girls are mostly fond of using the urgent 2k scamming technique on guys who are asking them out.

These girls at times rob Peter to pay Paul and the amount they request for could be higher or lower but, it is still the same style they use.

Some, just feel they have a right to be making these requests while those they are requesting from have a duty to respond with benevolence.

Aside from the urgent 2k technique, several techniques have been used in times past to fraudulently make people part with their money in Nigeria.

Bottom line is that, instead of asking for urgent 2k, think of what you can offer people that they could pay for.

Better still, you can learn a trade and improve on it till people will break down doors to get to you for that service.

Also, you can try the ‘Okrika’ business. Just watch this video below to see how to begin.

Inflation: Best Time To Start Okrika Business In Nigeria


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