Okada/Tricyclists Ban: Operators storm Sanwo-Olu’s office in protest

Okada/Tricyclists Ban: Operators storm Sanwo-Olu’s office in protest

Okada Riders Protesting

By Anthony Okafor

Ahead of commencement of total enforcement ban on activities of commercial motorcyclists, popularly called, “Okada” and tricyclists, “Keke NAPEP” commencing, February 1st, some operators, on Friday, led a peaceful protest to the state government in Alausa, seeking a rethink on the ban.

The State government last Monday, announced plans to commence total enforcement of Reform Traffic Law of 2018 on activities of motorcyclists, popularly called “Okada” and tricycles, called “keke Marwa” on restricted routes and bridges across 15 Local Government Areas of the state.

The operators, numbering hundreds, who are Gokada, “Oride, and “Max” commercial motorcycles, stormed Alausa about 10 am, and headed straight to the State House of Assembly, accusing the state governmental of being insensitive to their plight.

Update: Okada/Keke Ban: Riders protesting from Oregun to Alausa now

The irate operators demanded that rather than ban them the state government should regulate their operations as many of them depends on it for their livelihood.

A representative of the protesters, Steve Orajiakwu of O ride said they were not consulted before the ban was announced by the state government.

“We are not happy with the way the ban was done. We are running a democratic government and when decisions that concerns the lives of people are to be made by government, the people should be consulted. Whatever government did is not good for us. We were never invited for debate. We know government is concerned about security and lives of people as well as influx of some people from certain region of the country.

“But we are professionals. Our bikes have tracking devices and camera. We went for blood and eye test. We went for intensive training. Government should call us and see possibility of regulating us,” he lamented

Also bemoaning the development, Uche Ekemiri of Gokada said: ” We pay tax to government and we are ready to have license. Government just woke up one day and ban us and I don’t see reasons they should ban us. This is what we do for living.”

Riders protesting from Oregun to Alausa

While attending to the protesters, a member of the assembly, Bisi Yusuff, representing Alimosho Constituency 1, who spoke on behalf of the Speaker, Mudashiru Obasa, commended the protesters for peaceful demonstration, but urged them to abide with the new ban pending when the state government will decide on their request.

“Protest is an ingredient of democracy. We commend you for peaceful demonstration. We will go through your petition.
“However we urge you to keep cool and keep to the law until we call you back. Government has made pronouncement on the issue. Don’t allow anybody to hijack the protest because you will be held responsible for it. Very soon, we will call you. Maintain the law. It is when government see your conduct, they will know what to do,” he said.


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