While it may be true that elections come with violence in Nigeria, it is also true that Nigerians are tired of the present situation.

They want a working system, one that can be delivered only by a responsible leader.


Hence, the people of Bayelsa, Imo, and Kogi, are taking the bull by the horn.

Off-Cycle Elections: Uzodinma Hails INEC, Security Operatives
Hope Uzodinma casts his vote

In Imo state, there is high tension but the people are not bothered. They just want to cast their votes and choose a new leader.


As simple as that may seem, you would not understand if you didn’t know what is going on in the state.

Considering the recent assault on the Nigerian Labor Congress (NLC) president, Joe Ajaero, was assaulted in the state.


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Which you could say resulted in the declared strike and blocking of international airports in the state.

With this in mind, one would have wondered if elections will be held in Imo State today.

Uzodinma Assures Peace and Calmness

But the State governor, Hope Uzodinma, who is gunning for his second term in office has assured the indigenes of calmness.


Uzodinma who responded to questions after casting his ballot, gave kudos to security operatives for the good job they are doing.

He also thanked the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), for ensuring that elections are conducted in the state.


But without the determined electorates, who were willing to come and vote, the preparation of INEC would have gone to waste

The determined indigenes did not want to make the same mistake they made in the past by staying aloof.

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Uzodinma, when asked about what the outcome of the elections would be, simply said, “Only God knows the winner, so let’s be patient”

The voting process is expected to round off at 2:30 pm for counting to begin.


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