‘Nigerian Married Men Are The Most Generous In The World’ Laura Ikeji Says

Nigerian socialite Laura Ikeji has taken to her YouTube channel to react to a TikTok video which says that 62% of Nigerian women cheat on their partner.
Reacting to the video, the fashion entrepreneur stated that the statistics is too high noting that the Nigerian culture does not permit a woman to cheat on her husband.

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She noted that culture permits a married man to cheat on his wife without being questioned.
According to her, Nigerian married men are the most generous as any girl who dates the wealthy ones among them is likely to become rich.
Read what she said below:
“Nigerian married men are the most generous in the world. If you date a rich Nigerian married man, you most likely would be rich because they are very generous. This is the only country I know that when you date a sugar daddy, within two or three months, you’re popping.
“They will sponsor your lifestyle, they will fly you abroad, send you private jets, take you to Paris, take you to Milan and fly you all over the world. If you are a Nigerian man in Nigeria and you’re not cheating, you are not cool.”
She noted further that it shouldn’t be a problem if the table turns around and married women do what their male counterparts have been doing to them adding that she does not mean that married women cheat.
Watch the video below:




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