A tourist, Nathan Lugo, has shared his experience at Cotonou Cadjehoun International Airport in the Benin Republic, comparing it with the Murtala Mohammed International Airport in Nigeria.

This White Tourist Has Something To Say About Lagos Airport


Lagos Or Cotonou Airport?

In a recent post on his Facebook page, Lugo, an American Ifa devotee noted that the Cotonou airport was better than the one in Lagos.

He also stated that he was not discriminated against as an Orisa devotee at the airport in Cotonou, as opposed to the MMIA, Lagos.


Sharing photos, he wrote: “I’ve been to Yorùbáland on the Benin Republic side on several occasions for several years now. My first time was in 2018.

“But, this was my first time flying directly into Cotonou, Benin Republic, and flying directly out of Cotonou, Benin Republic.


“And, just for a frame of reference, I’ve been flying to Yorùbáland on the Nigeria side ANNUALLY through the MMIA of Lagos since 1998…Annually since 1998! That is 25 years!!!

“Last year I flew through the airport of Lagos in and out 4 times throughout the year. One thing I can say is that there are massive differences between the Cotonou Cadjehoun International Airport and the MMIA – Lagos.

The Comparison

“The airport in Cotonou is puny by comparison. It also has a pleasant design. The inside of the airport is clean. Their bathrooms are clean and fully functional with soap dispensers and hand dryers. Its car park is clean.

“There aren’t ọmọ ìta, like the ones in the airport in Lagos, all around trying to hustle you. The staff were balanced in their demeanor, professional, and friendly. In walking distance from the airport in Cotonou there are nice bars and restaurants similar to what I would find in Wynwood and other areas of South Florida.


“Also, going through security there was no impression of religious discrimination as an Òrìṣà devotee / oníṣẹ̀ṣe (the kind of religious discrimination that I more frequently than not have experienced in Lagos).

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“Benin Republic in general values its indigenous cultural and religious identity more than their Nigerian neighbors that give preferential treatment to foreign religions of Middle Eastern origin.

“Just so you are aware, at the airport, I try to dress and behave as discreetly as possible to not draw attention to myself other than the obvious.

“Did I mention that the air-conditioning system at both the departure and arrival areas of the airport at Cotonou works? Yes, their a/c works!!! They are not making human suya out of travelers leaving the country. Can you imagine that???

“And, both at the airport and most everywhere else throughout the Benin Republic, I felt overwhelmingly safe and like I was in any other country where people seemed “normal”, for lack of a better word.

“Here is the most important part: Not one customs official nor immigration officer nor airline staff tried to ask for a bribe nor extort money from me nor ask “what did you bring for me.” No one.!!! Is that not a normal thing?

“From now on I believe I will be calling the airport at Lagos the ‘Murtala Muhammed Flying Circus of Lagos’”.

Well, from the way he sounds, Nigeria may have lost a once devoted tourist.


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