A textile dealer, Saheed Adeniji, on Monday, urged an Ile-Tuntun Customary Court in Ibadan to dissolve his two-year-old marriage to his wife, Omowumi, accusing her of being fetish, stubborn and dirty.


Saheed also told Chief Henry Agbaje, the President of the court, that he was living in fear due to his wife’s threat to his life.

The plaintiff further claimed that he had to abandon the home to Omowumi just to allow peace to reign

He said: “Shortly after our wedding, Omowumi started nagging and she made herself a master of the home such that I could no longer control her.

“When she leaves home for her shop in the morning, she doesn’t return until 9 p.m and she refused to change inspite of my warning.


“Omowumi’s dad did not help matters because he failed to call her to order even after I had reported her several times.

“Sometimes, she locks me up in the house, thus, preventing me from going to work.

“I was doing well before I married Omowumi, but she has succeeded in wrecking my business and she keeps punishing me with adversity and retrogression.

“In fact, when I consulted spiritualists, I was told that we are not meant to be together.”


He added that his wife was incapable of cooking good meals and dirty.

Omowumi, a petty trader, however, submitted that her mother-in-law who came to stay with them was at the root of the crisis between her and her husband.


She alleged that she was the one instigating her son against her.

“After Saheed’s mother came into our home, she told his son to start dating a young lady, Ola, who is an apprentice to my husband.

“The girl started coming occasionally to sleep in our home while Saheed began to sleep in the sitting room,” Omowumi said.

She also stated that her husband and the girl started maltreating her.


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