Indeed, the atrocities we hear lovers commit is really devastating. It could strike a fatal nail into the heart of true love.

Sad, yet true, we hear of how a relationship can turn from sweet to sour in a split of seconds and it is so worrisome.

Woman In Court For Murdering Married Lover
Woman In Court For Murdering Married Lover

A 40-year-old Zimbabwean woman, Sharon Chidamba has been arraigned in court for allegedly murdering her married boyfriend, Edward Chakanetsa.

It was reported that the incident occurred at Chidamba’s residence in Chitungwiza on Christmas Day last year.

Chidamba is accused of attacking Chakanetsa with an unidentified object, resulting in a fractured skull that ultimately led to his death.

The sequence of events leading to the tragedy unfolded after a disagreement during their drinking session.


Chidamba’s arrest on January 6 followed suspicions raised by Chakanetsa’s relatives.

Prior to her apprehension, she provided conflicting statements to the deceased’s family, who sensed foul play in the circumstances surrounding Chakanetsa’s demise.

One of Chidamba’s accounts claimed that Chakanetsa had ingested rat poison.

She asserted that she rushed him to a local hospital where he later passed away.


However, suspicions grew, prompting the family to make a police report and then investigations started taking place over the death of the man.

A post-mortem results, however, revealed that Chakanetsa’s cause of death was a blunt object assault, not rat poison ingestion, as previously stated by Chidamba.


This revelation led to her formal charges of murder and the beginning of her trial.

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Chidambaram, who was granted $100 bail, appeared at the Chitungwiza Magistrates’ Court, where the state presented its case.

She is scheduled for another court appearance, as the police continue their investigations into the murder case.

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