Movie: Beautiful Poor Maiden (2020) (Parts 1 – 6)

Beautiful Poor Maiden (2020)

Her name is Iyeri; Very beautiful, priceless, a golden fish sought by everyone, the golden lady of the river, and the most beautiful girl in the kingdom. But in life, judge nothing by its appearance for the more beautiful the serpent, the more fatal its sting. Explore and enjoy this wonderful and intriguing movie.

  • STARRING:  Noxa Rex, Uju Okoli, Maicon Emeka, Adanma Luke, Augustine Iloh, Chichi Ngonadi, Ngozi Evuka Ezeh, Joseph Daniels.
  • PRODUCED BY: Uche Promise Alaneme
  • DIRECTED BY: Augustine Iloh (DGN)
  • COMPANY: Profel Integrated Concept Production
  • YEAR: 2020


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