The weekend is over, and it’s Monday morning. I wake up, log onto my social media (because why not?) only to find #MondayMotivation trending, again.

#MondayMotivation: How It Started
#MondayMotivation: How It Started

Imagine waking up to a bunch of posts online inspiring you to get out of bed and run a marathon.


Does this sound surprising to you? Well, not for me.

It’s almost like an expectation for the hashtag to show up every Monday morning.

Social media trends can never be predicted or influenced in any way.

However, #MondayMotivation makes me feel like a predictor, as the hashtag somehow always makes its way back on the socials on Mondays.


Maybe it’s time to finally roll out of bed.

The Origin

Let’s begin by answering the most basic question.

How did #MondayMotivation even start?

After numerous Google searches and reading several articles, I can confirm that there is no conclusive answer.


However, some state that it has always been there, almost like the sun, or the stars.

Others say it was created by a popular celebrity.


My theory is that it was created by a student taking online classes since we all know how much motivation that really needs.

We don’t know when it started, however, we don’t know when it will end. Never. The answer is never.

We will be forever stuck in this cycle, where every Monday, without fail, the hashtag will continue to trend online.

Think of it as you having the same dream over and over again, except this time, it’s real.

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For those of you who are new to the term, #MondayMotivation is a hashtag used across social media channels like X, Facebook, and Instagram to spread optimism, positivity, and life-affirming messages every time Monday rolls about.

However, the idea is to create an environment where you push yourself to be your best version for the upcoming week or in other words, get things done.

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