Lucy acts childish-Erica


Erica bbn

Erica is still unhappy with Lucy weeks after their face-off.

The actress and former Head of House think Lucy doesn’t act her age though she’s one of the oldest in the House.

Speaking during her diary session on Friday, Erica said she expects Lucy to be more calm and reserved but she’s otherwise.

She told Biggie that Lucy caused the Pepsi Turnup challenge to lose for Kiddwaya.

Erica said: “Lucy is the oldest in the House but acts like a baby. She is not good at singing or dancing but was there insulting Kiddwaya.

“I will say this to her face too, she spent four hours complaining about Kiddwaya and I feel she’s doing all of this to trend.”

Erica also said Lucy might be playing a script.

“Lucy is trying to be that person in the House that causes drama to trend outside the House”.


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