The future seer, Athos Salome, also known as “Living Nostradamus,” has foreseen some occurrences that will yet happen in 2023.

He said devastating earthquakes and floods would swoop across the globe in the latter months of this year.

Living Nostradamus
Living Nostradamus

Salome is well known for his prophecies, many of which have materialised.

His most well-known predictions were the passing of Queen Elizabeth II and Elon Musk’s renaming of Twitter as “X.”

The fortune teller recently revealed that there will be earthquakes and floods in the upcoming months. He even provided exact places for the disasters to occur.

Athos made an effort to make it clear that his visions were not intended to cause fear.


Heightened Seismic Activities

According to Athos, heightened volcanic and seismic activities should be expected in the Pacific Ring of Fire, specifically the Indonesian Island of Java.

Also, the volcano will spread towards the coastal stretch spanning from northern California, US, to southern British Columbia, Canada.

“These magnificent areas will face nature’s unyielding force,” he predicts.

Living Nostradamus foresees an increase in the intensity of hurricanes and cyclones in regions like Southeast Asia, including the Philippines and Thailand.


In addition, he identifies high-risk areas for storms, such as the Gulf of Mexico and Florida in the United States, emphasising the importance of being well prepared to face these emerging trends.

Despite Athos forecasting death and damage on a global scale, he says action can still be taken to prevent much of it.


“Living Nostradamus is not instilling fear”

“I don’t intend to instill fear in society.

“I hope that the negative events predicted will not come true. My warnings are to actually serve as motivation for us to come together and prioritise our well-being.

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“Also, I need to emphasise the importance of implementing policies, building infrastructure, and, most importantly, increasing awareness on a global level.

“I believe that with governance and citizen cooperation, we can avoid these challenges together.” he said.


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