King Charles III Greets Cheering Crowd, Walks Into Buckingham Palace

As Britons continue to mourn the passage of Queen Elizabeth II and tributes pour in from leaders around the world, King Charles III is preparing to address the world tonight in hope that he will be able to fit into the shoes of his predecessor and mother.

King Charles III, 73, and Camilla on their way to Buckingham Palace this afternoon, stepped down from the vehicle conveying them to the palace and took time to greet the cheering crowds outside Buckingham Palace.

Outside Buckingham Palace in central London, the new monarch was met with cheers, applause and a crowd singing “God Save The King” as he made his first public appearance since ascending the throne.

Charles and Camilla then briefly inspected the mass of flowers left outside the famous black railings, before heading into the palace where the flag of the British sovereign was flown overhead.


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