Have you ever sat down to ponder how valuable the Nigerian green passport you carry is around the world?

Well, you may not know, but your green passport is one of the least powerful in the world.


There are many reasons for this, which you may or may not know. But fact is that Nigeria is not on the list of the first 50 countries with powerful passports.


A passport is an official document that is generally required to travel to an international destination.

It is also usually necessary to use a valid passport to regain entry to your country of residence.


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Due to the issues back home, largely as a result of bad governance, Nigerians who try to relocate or Japa to other countries carrying green passports, often find that they are poorly treated wherever they go.

Some get angry and return home, while others stay and manage the terrible treatment meted out to them.

In fact, from the airport, there is this special scrutiny that a Nigerian could get just because of the green passport.


List Of Countries With Powerful Passports

This is a cloak that many Nigerians have had to carry due to activities of the very minority corrupt and fraudulent citizens of the country.

Some have misrepresented the country abroad.


Also, the penchant for constantly borrowing and seeking aid that will not be judiciously utilised by Nigerian leaders is another factor, among so many.

That aside, it may also come to you as a surprise that countries like China, Britain, U.S.A. are not topping this list.

Topping this list are countries like Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Germany, Spain, Finland, Italy, France and Sweden.

The Britain and U.S.A. occupy the 16th and 22nd spot on the list of countries with the most powerful passports.

South Africa, is the occupant of the 55th spot while Nigeria shows up behind Niger at the 98th spot.

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Obtaining a passport in Nigeria is difficult but traveling abroad is much more difficult.

Despite the tough condition that the green passport heaps on anyone with it, a lot of people are looking for a way to JAPA.


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