Erica, Laycon back on speaking terms

Erica and Laycon

After about five days of not talking to each other, Laycon and Erica have finally ironed out their differences.

Both Housemates were caught up in a discussion.

Although it wasn’t clear who started the conversation, Erica seemed to have gotten enough of the malice.

She told Laycon not talking to each other has gone beyond giving themselves space but more of enmity.

She stated that although she knows deep down that they are friends but she’s beginning to doubt the genuineness.

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“What happened? Why are you hostile towards me? What did I do to you?

“It’s no longer I need my space, this one is now enemy kind of stuff. In my mind I know you are not my enemy. That’s what I feel from you but I feel like you see me as your enemy,” she stated.

Laycon replied: “The last time we talked when you greeted me and I didn’t respond I didn’t do it intentionally and when I came to you you were acting somehow I was pissed too”.


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