Men who rape are below animals, says Laycon

Laycon during conversations around sexual harassment and rape has said a man who rapes  is way below an animal because even animals give consent before sex.

The 26-year-old rapper said so during a conversation with Kiddwaya.

The duo was having conversations as the Housemates deliberated on their task ahead of the game night.

Laycon said: “If a Lion wants to mate, it goes to meet the female and smell to know they are ready and the same for most cats. Spiders, they knead to go and meet the female, who gives consent that they are ready, same for praying mantis.

“There are some animals that you need to duel before you get the consent of the female to mate. Yeah, that’s the fact. Rape is not animalistic. If you’re human and a rapist, you’re way below an animal,” he said.

Laycon has been trending on social media over his talent, intelligence and relationship with Erica.

Born Olamilekan Agbeleshe, the singer and rapper is a graduate of philosophy from the University of Lagos, who started his musical journey at an early age and emerged as one of Nigeria’s most promising new school acts.

He describes himself as being versatile and able to coin words together to soothe scenarios and moods.


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