Air Peace is under investigation for breaking safety rules on its new Lagos-London route.

Both the UK and Nigerian aviation authorities are asking the airline to explain these issues.


UK Aviation Authority Flags Air Peace for Safety Violations

Air Peace In Trouble  

The United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority has informed Nigeria’s Civil Aviation Authority that Air Peace has allegedly broken some aviation safety rules.

This happened just three months after Air Peace started flying between Lagos and London.

Two reports about Air Peace’s issues were sent to the UK Civil Aviation Authority.


The UK CAA then passed these reports on to the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority.

The CAA’s complaint letter to the NCAA was entitled “United Kingdom SAFA Ramp Inspection Report” with reference number CAA-UK-2024-0217, and “NATS Management System Safety Report”.

Letter From UK CAA

The NCAA has also written to Air Peace asking for an explanation about the issues.

The letter entitled; “United Kingdom SAFA Ramp Inspection Report,” had reference number NCAA/DOLTS/APL/Vol.11/03624.


The letter, dated May 14, 2024, was signed by the NCAA General Manager of Operations, Capt. O.O. Lawani.

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In the letter, the NCAA stated that the UK CAA had raised concerns about the lack of operational approval for Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) functions, which are essential for the safe operation of the aircraft. Additionally, the captain of the flight admitted to using an EFB for navigation.

The NCAA also noted that the UK CAA pointed out the absence of a mounting device for the EFB, as well as no charging points or backup battery.

Air Peace recently started flights from Lagos’ Murtala Muhammed International Airport to London Gatwick under the Bilateral Air Services Agreement between Nigeria and the UK.

The spokesperson of Air Peace, Stanley Olisa, could not be reached at the time of reporting.

When contacted, he answered the call but remained silent when asked about the issue, and the call eventually ended.

Additionally, our correspondent texted the spokesperson with an inquiry, but received no response as of the time of this report.

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