After today’s experience, traders and shop owners at Banex Plaza in Abuja, may never want to have any encounter with soldiers again.

For now, all they can do is count their loss.


Banex Plaza: Traders, Customers Stranded As Soldiers Takeover Market

We cannot begin to imagine the pain these traders, especially small business owners would go through, as they count their loses.

The story you are about to read happened on Saturday, May 18.

The Faulty Phone 

A trader had sold a faulty phone to an individual.


The frustrated client called upon some soldiers for assistance.

Instead of resolving the issue peacefully, the trader allegedly enlisted the help of some thugs, who proceeded to attack the soldiers.

At least two soldiers and another civilian were targeted by the thugs, who operated in separate groups and subjected them to physical abuse.

Police Intervention 

The police later intervened and order was restored, but the soldiers later arrived at the plaza, compelling the traders to immediately shut down their businesses.


Several videos circulating on social media shows soldiers pursuing and punishing individuals within a crowd.

As we speak, Banex Plaza remained closed and inaccessible on Monday, leaving traders and their customers stranded.


If you are a trader, or you own a shop at Banex Plaza, we say a very big sorry to you for today’s loss.

We understand the implication of this development.


However, we have good news.

Indeed, this article explores the implications of the closure of Banex Plaza, but, it will also explore the solution.

Yes, you can still make sales without your shop.

The Implications 

The first implication this closure will have on small businesses is loss of customers.

You see, customers will be left with no choice than to visit other places, or other markets.

What if they find a place where they can get the same quality of your goods or service at a more affordable rate.

Financial Implications 

This has financial implication, which is number two on our list.

The money traders of Banex plaza are suppose to make today, will definitely go to other places or markets.

Low Patronage 

Another very important implication of this closure is low patronage.

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When the soldiers finally leave, patronage in that market will be low.

This is because customers may have already found another place to deal, don’t forget, we live in a fast-paced world.

Also, people may no longer want to deal in the plaza over fear of buying a faulty product, don’t forget that this is the genesis of this whole trouble.

Business Without Shop

Now, back to our dear traders and small business owners, who must have been worried sick by now.

There are other ways you can still carry out your business without your shop.

If you are a trader in Banex Plaza and you are yet to take your business digital, then see this as an opportunity.

Don’t be surprised that your colleagues are still conducting their business online and still making money.


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