The late Jnr. Pope was a Nigerian actor who lost his life after getting drowned while on a movie set.

His death hit the Nollywood industry like a storm, as Jnr. Pope was a young man loved by many.

jnr. pope e-money
jnr. pope, E-money

The actor died on April 10, leaving behind a grieving wife and three sons.

Following Jnr. Pope’s demise, popular businessman Emeka Okonkwo, aka E-Money, who had a close relationship, promised to be responsible for his family’s upkeep.

However, two social media users attacked E-money by making wild allegations against him concerning his relationship with the late Nollywood actor’s family.

Jnr. Pope: The Allegation

Following this, the enraged businessman took to his Instagram page to address the allegations.


‘’ To all my followers,
It has come to my attention that some individuals are spreading damaging and false information about my relationship with my late brother, Jnr. Pope, and his family during this difficult time of mourning.

“These actions show a complete lack of respect for the memory of the deceased and are deeply hurtful to our grieving family.

I cannot fold my hands and allow this heinous act to continue without consequence.

“I am committed to identifying these unscrupulous individuals and ensuring they are held accountable.


“It is imperative that we clean up our social media space and let the law take its rightful course.

“Furthermore, bloggers disseminating this information without proper investigation and confirmation will also not be spared in this bid for justice.


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E-Money beckoned on anyone with credible information that can assist the authorities in apprehending the two parties responsible for the malicious character assassination to message him privately, as they will be appreciated.

“Your help will not only bring justice but is highly appreciated. Enough is enough!

“Thank you for your support and understanding during this challenging time.


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