In every high school, from the hallway to the classrooms, bullying is a serious problem that deeply affects a student’s happiness and success in school.

Whether it’s hurtful words, physical threats, or harassment, bullying takes many forms and hurts a lot of people.


Tips On How To Address And Overcome Bullying In High Schools

What is Bullying? Lets Talk About It

Before we can stop bullying which is also known as oppression, we need to know what it looks like and how it makes people feel.

This happens when someone keeps being mean to another person on purpose or trying to hurt them.

It can be words that hurt, pushing or hitting, or being mean online (cyberbullying). By learning about oppression and how it works, we can all help stop it in our schools.


How To Stand up To Bullying 

Students can make a big difference in stopping bullying by standing up for themselves and their friends.

It’s important to be strong and not let bullies hurt you. If someone is being mean, tell a teacher or another grown-up you trust.

You can also be a good friend to someone who’s being bullied and include them in things to help them feel better.

Making Schools Friendly Places

Schools have a big job in making sure everyone feels safe and welcome. They can do this by having rules against oppression and teaching students to be kind to each other.


Schools can also watch out for kids bullied and stop it when they see it happening. By issuing punishment or penalty, schools can help stop bullying before it starts.

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Working Together: How Parents Can Help

Parents can play a big role in stopping bullying too. They can talk to their kids about bullying and let them know it’s not okay.

Parents can also keep an eye on what their kids are doing in school and talk to them about being safe.

If their child is being bullied, parents can support them and help them figure out what to do.

Supporting Teachers

Teachers and school staff can also help stop bullying by learning how to recognise it and what to do about it.

They can get training on how to help students who are being bullied and how to make their classrooms safe and welcoming for everyone.

Teachers can also listen to students when they have a problem and make sure bullying is taken seriously.

By learning about bullying, making schools friendly places, and supporting teachers, we can make sure everyone feels safe and happy at school.

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