Germans spent $5bn on their pets in 2019

Germans spent $5bn on their pets in 2019

Figures reported on Wednesday by relevant trade associations has shown that Germans are spending increasing sums on their pets, with the total rising to more than 5.4 billion dollars (5 billion euros) in 2019.

High street retail pet shops turned over 4.3 billion euros, up some 2.4 per cent on the year, while the online market was good for 705 million euros plus 125 million euros for feeding wild birds.

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Cat food formed the largest segment, rising 1.2 per cent to almost 1.6 billion euros while Dog food took second place at 1.5 billion euros, up 4.2 per cent on the year in high street sales.

Cats remain the most popular pet, according to a survey.

The country has 14.7 million pet cats, followed by 10.1 million dogs and 5.2 million small animals.

Some 45 per cent of households keep pets, if birds, fish and animals kept in glass cases are taken into account, the survey found.


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