COVID-19: 2 men charged with assault after coughing on people in Germany

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A tricenarian was on Friday charged with assault after saying he had Coronavirus and was coughing on another person in a supermarket in western Germany.

Police in the town of Brilon in North Rhine Westphalia said the 38 years man was acting aggressively and was upset about a momentarily unoccupied cash desk at the supermarket, and when a 24-year-old man tried to get him to calm down, the accused coughed on him.

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The district health department has yet to determine whether the accused is actually infected with the novel Coronavirus, police said.

People have also reported to have been coughed on in  the north city of Guetersloh.

A 52-year-old man harassed and coughed on other people in the city’s pedestrian zone on Thursday, police said.

He is also being charged with assault.


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