Everyone knows that it is one thing to say something and then it is another to fulfil that statement, especially if it is a promise. 

This is what people in governance in Nigeria fail to consider most times when they speak. 


A few days ago, on July 31, to be precise, President Bola Tinubu gave a speech, reeling interesting figures that his administration will pour into Nigeria’s economy.


They are not just pouring in because the economy needs it, but because the people are beginning to get aggitated over the hardship that almost everyone is walking into.

Salary earners are first to enter and then farmers followed, raising cost of farm produce.


Now the farmers who played a major role in the speech, being that they are the ones to fire up the government foods security agenda.

Well, the yare not asking too much. They just want Tinubu and those in government to cut down on cost of governance.

Also, they described the way people in government spend as ‘extravagant’.

They want all of that to stop.


Basically, the farmers spoke trhough a body, the National Agricultural Communities Projects (NACP).

You see, President Tinubu had said he understood the ‘sufferings Nigerians are passing through’.


But many wonder if he truly does understand.

Again, farmers asked those in government to truly demonstrate to Nigerians that they share in the sufferings and sacrifices of the people.

The Lead Partner, NACP, Dr. Bello Abubakar Annur, pointed out that it was difficult for the average Nigerian to believe that the leaders were affected the ongoing hardship.

This is because the perks available to public office holders alone in Nigeria are too enormous.

State Of Insecurity

The NACP leaders, therefore, called on President Tinubu to do the needful.

They said: “We expect further announcements on the measure to cut the cost of governance.”

Furthermore, the group said it noticed that the President failed to address the state of insecurity in his speech.

“We urge him to pay more attention to the current state of insecurity in the country.

“It is of utmost importance to deal with the issue of insecurity because, without security, there can be no prosperity.

“If the issue of insecurity is not adequately dealt with, the implementation of these strategies could be in jeopardy.

“In reality, it is inevitable that we suffer some pain for these reforms to successfully bear the required fruits.

“We all want a better and brighter future for Nigeria.”

The group commended the president for showing leadership, responsibility, and accountability.

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Palliative Plan

According to the group, he demonstrated empathy, as he unveiled a broad plan to ease the cost-of-living pains for Nigerians in his address.

The NACP, hailed the president’s palliative plan to support businesses, the working class, and the most vulnerable.

According to Annur, the policy intervention to check rising inflation and ensure exchange rate stability is a good one.

However, the group, lamented that though the president covered most of the strategic sectors of the economy, “nothing was said about, farmers and herders’ clashes, which is a critical factor in national development”.

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