The situation of things in Nigeria is affecting everyone, the police inclusive.

The same way you are affected by the economic hardship, fuel scarcity, and Naira depreciation, is the same way every other person, including police officers are affected.


Hence, the same way you get angry or emotional over these situations, is the same way police officers feel.

Why You Should Not Dare Armed Police Officers To Shoot – Lagos Police
Benjamin Hundeyin

It is true that these officers are trained to manage their anger and other emotional issues, but let’s not forget that these officers are first humans before police officers.

Nigerians, especially the youths, are used to the habit of challenging security officers, especially when they fill it is their right.

Misuse Of Firearms

This attitude is what the Lagos Police Command wants Nigerians to stop.


As a result, the police have issued a stern warning about the dangers of confronting or provoking armed officers.

This advice comes in the wake of increasing incidents of misuse of firearms in Nigeria’s commercial city, Lagos.

The Lagos Police Command spokesperson, Benjamin Hundeyin, issued the caution on his official X account on Monday.

The Woke Generation

Hundeyin, in the post, urged the public, especially the younger demographic, to refrain from challenging or daring individuals who are armed, whether they are security forces or civilians.


In his words: “Ladies and gentlemen, especially the woke generation, for your safety, please STOP: challenging/daring an armed person to shoot, asking an armed person, in a daring manner, how many people he/she can kill, attempting to disarm an armed person”.

He emphasised the irreversible consequences of gunfire: “A shot once fired can never be retrieved. A life once lost can never be brought back”.


Furthermore, Hundeyin reminded citizens that “one with a gun is a majority”.

This echoes the power imbalance that a firearm introduces in any situation.

A Word Is Enough For The Wise

His comment follows recent tragic events where police officials gunned down an unarmed citizen who was in a queue to purchase fuel.

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Such incidents have sparked concerns over the handling of firearms and the conduct of armed personnel in public spaces.

Indeed, to be forewarn is to be forearm.

The police must have taken time to access the situation, perhaps, that is why they deemed it necessary to warn the public.

There are better ways or approach to follow while dealing with armed police officers or security officers. When it is beyond you, it is necessary to report such an officer.

At this juncture, let us leave you with the popular saying, “a word is enough for the wise”.


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