FIFA is reportedly considering a massive step that would allow Premier League and La Liga games to be played abroad.

Lineker Hits Out At FIFA Move Closer To Playing Games Abroad

In a potentially groundbreaking move, football’s global governing body, FIFA, is poised to establish a working group to assess the implications of hosting competitive domestic matches in foreign countries, according to BBC Sport.


This initiative comes amidst discussions spurred by a legal settlement between FIFA and match promoter Relevant Sports in the United States.

While the Premier League currently asserts that it has no immediate plans to pursue this avenue, its chief executive Richard Masters believes that the recent developments have “left the door ajar” for such endeavours in the future.

One must also note that it was the Premier League, under the leadership of Richard Scudamore, who first promulgated the idea of the “39th game”.

Meanwhile, La Liga is already making preparations for overseas fixtures as early as the 2025-26 season.


This decision follows the revival of La Liga’s previous plans, which were interrupted when Barcelona’s league match against Girona, scheduled for Miami in 2019, was ultimately cancelled.

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However, as FIFA moves closer to potentially permitting domestic league matches to be played abroad, the initiative has already received a red flag from former England international Gary Lineker.

He quoted BBC Sports’s tweet and wrote “No. No. No.” to express his disapproval.


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