Each time you hear that a player earns such a huge sum of money, what comes to mind? Well, the Brazil Vs Uruguay game opens your eyes a little to what is in football that makes the earnings so high.

FIFA made over £9 million from ticket sales of the Uruguay Vs Brazil World cup qualifiers on Tuesday. Ticket for the match was totally sold out.  

Brazil Vs Uruguay: See What Was Made From Ticket Sales
Brazil Vs Uruguay

The massive sales came on a night that Brazil failed to live up to expectation.

Brazil vs Uruguay is arguably one of the biggest fixtures in the North-American region of the FIFA 2026 World Cup qualifiers.


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The Estadio Centenario in Montevideo in the capital city of Uruguay was packed to the brim.


Football lovers trooped out to support their teams.

Not many of the 73,609 spectators at the game expected the game to end the way it did. Indeed, Brazil swallowed a bitter pill of loss, the first since 2001.

Seeing how there is always tension between the two footballing nations whenever they are paired together, the price of tickets was pegged at between £130.

A Huge Support

And even though the price of the tickets was higher than what some people made on a monthly basis around that region, the stadium was still filled to the brim.


This simply shows how much the people of Uruguay love and support their national team.

According to statistics, a total of nine million, five hundred and sixty-nine thousand, one hundred and seventy pounds (£9, 569, 170) was made from ticket sales.


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However, Uruguay was able to gain 3 points from the match on the same day Argentina defeated Peru.

Brazil’s loss by two goals could be attributed to Neymar Jnr’s injury.

Neymar was stretched off the pitch in pains before the end of the first half of the match.


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