Elon Musk wants to have 1 billion Twitter followers, emulating China’s ‘WeChat’ model.

Elon buying Twitter

Elon Musk addressed an all-hands meeting of Twitter employees, reiterating his goals for the social media company if he completes his purchase, which include an ambitious expansion of the user base and a tightening of corporate culture.

He also addressed topics like remote working, freedom of speech and potential extra-terrestrial life.

Musk said he hoped to style Twitter after the Chinese software WeChat, noting that people in China “essentially live on WeChat.”
WeChat is an all-in-one platform that includes messaging, calling, payment, and other features that have consolidated its use in China. According to marketing firm 99Firms, WeChat has over 1.2 billion monthly active users, with 78 percent of Chinese individuals aged 16 to 64 utilizing the site.

One way he believes that the platform can achieve this goal is to take a more hands-off approach to content moderation, saying the platform should enable users to “say what they want.”

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The meeting was not entirely positive: Musk addressed growing concerns over layoffs in an industry that has started to see hiring freeze at some of the biggest companies


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