As stakeholders in Nigeria celebrate the unification of forex, a strategy meant to boost investors’ confidence in the Nigerian economy, the exchange rate of the Naira has still continued to fluctuate.

Dollar to Naira exchange rate
Naira and the Dollar currency

The Naira to Dollar exchange rate on the official Central Bank market fell by 6.85% to exchange at ₦588.45 when buying and ₦589.45 when selling.


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On the FX market, the Naira exchange rate slightly appreciated by 1.99%, to exchange at ₦654.24 to a dollar.

The nation’s local currency on the parallel market also known as the black market is exchanging at ₦756 selling and ₦757 buying, this is as against the rate it exchanged on  father’s Day, Sunday, June 18.

Meanwhile, the dollar is still very difficult to access for those who need it to run their businesses in the country.


Dollar to Naira Rate for Past 7 Days

Date Buy Sell
June 18, 2023 757 754
June 17, 2023 757 754
June 16, 2023 757 753
June 15, 2023 755 750
June 14, 2023 769 765
June 13, 2023 764 760
June 12, 2023 763 758


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