Buying or owing a house is one of the greatest things that could happen to a person.

For our dear brothers and sisters in Lagos, owing a house, no matter how small seem to be the greatest achievement, if that house is situated in Lekki, forget it, you may begin to think that the person involved owns the world.


Unapproved Buildings: Know This Before You Buy A House In Lekki

But there is an important information we wish to bring to your notice.

We are not enemies of progress, no, we are just looking out for you, our dear reader.

Before you pay for that house in Lekki, take your time and read this article to the end, then maybe, we may have saved you from future problems.


You see, many people buy lands and houses without making the necessary findings.

Unapproved Buildings

Now many people are almost in tears as Dr. Oluyinka Olumide, the Lagos State Commissioner for Physical Planning and Urban Development, disclosed that a staggering 80% of buildings in the Ibeju Lekki and Epe area lacked official government approval.

Are you shocked?

Well, do not be. This is the kind of problem you face when you buy a land or house without proper findings and investigations, and this is what we are trying to help you avoid.


Olumide spoke amidst mounting criticism over the state government’s approach to demolitions and urban regulation.

In a recent press engagement Commissioner Olumide highlighted the ongoing challenges in enforcing urban planning regulations.


Legal Processes

According to him, despite clear zoning and planning regulations, many property developers and homeowners continue to bypass legal processes.

Now, you see the reason for this widespread of unapproved construction.

Olumide said: “Last week, my team and I surveyed the Ibeju Lekki and Epe corridor, and it was evident that a significant majority of the estates there are unapproved”.

Furthermore, he explained that many of these areas are designated for agricultural use.

But trust Nigerians, they go ahead to sell off these lands for residential and commercial development without proper zoning changes or planning permissions.

Steps To Follow For Lawful Building

At this point, we know you may be wondering what steps to follow when purchasing or building a house in that area.

Well, we will not answer this question based on assumption because the commissioner himself elaborated on the steps required for lawful building practices.

This process starts with obtaining planning information to understand the designated use of the land.

In his words: “The procedure includes several stages, such as obtaining a fence permit and a layout permit for larger expanses of land, which many are skipping”.

Zoning Laws

The laxity in following these procedures not only leads to unauthorised developments.

But also poses risks to investors, especially those abroad who might not be aware of the zoning laws.

“Some developers even begin advertising and selling plots without securing the necessary approvals, misleading potential buyers about the legality of their investments,” Olumide added.

This issue has become a focal point for the Lagos State government, as it struggles to balance development needs with regulatory compliance.

The state has intensified its monitoring and enforcement efforts.

Many properties have been marked for review and potential action.

Check And Be Sure

We pray that you do not fall victim to this. To be sure, it is advisable to check and be sure.

If you are yet to buy your land or house in this hot area, our advice to you is to follow the steps outlined by commissioner Olumide.

If you find out that the area you want to build on has been marked by the government for any purpose, we advise you not to be stubborn. There are many other areas where you can purchase your land and build on.

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Now that we have brought this to your attention and perhaps, we may have saved you from trouble, we have just one request from you.

Kindly share this article so that others can also learn and save themselves from trouble.


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