There are many who will agree that 2023 Christmas celebration did not come with the usual fanfare.

That is because there is not much money in circulation and the little available must be spent judiciously.


Law enforcement agents around Berger bridge decided to appeal to motorists to celebrate Christmas for them.

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There was a time when Nigerians went out of their way to prepare good meals for law enforcement agents at work on Christmas day.

This was done to appreciate the efforts of these law enforcement operatives.


Sadly, the situation of things with the economy has left everyone economising whatever resources is available.

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On December 25, a day separated for Christmas celebration in Nigeria and around the world, some operatives of the Nigerian Police and the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority were seen begging motorists money.

These law enforcement agents, who were stationed at the traffic light after the Berger bridge on your way to Olowora, were seen lobbying motorists for Christmas gift.


The smart operatives approached every good-looking car that drove past to request for their Christmas gift.

They simply collected and thanked the driver for his generosity and quickly shared amongst themselves what has been given.


Some drivers were nice enough to respond, others just sped off without parting with anything.

The good part is that at least they were not harassing motorists and forcing them to give what was not available.

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Sadly, what we are witnessing is one of the effects of a poor economy on citizens. 

Law enforcement agents have been reduced to beggars on Christmas day.


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