Phil Parkinson says it is “not impossible” to imagine Wrexham in the Premier League, with Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney daring to dream big.

Ryan Reynolds And Rob McElhenney Dream Can Come True
Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney

Hollywood co-owners at SToK Racecourse have never hidden the fact that they want to guide the Red Dragons towards the English top-flight.


However, there is a long way to go in that quest, but a positive step forward was taken last season when landing the National League title in record-breaking style.

Wrexham are now riding high in the League Two table, suggesting that back-to-back promotions could be on the cards, and the desire will be to keep kicking on from there.


Luton have, having played non-league football themselves as recently as 2013–14, shown what is possible by enjoying their own meteoric rise from the fourth tier to the first.

However, Parkinson has told FourFourTwo of Wrexham setting similar targets: “How far can this club go?


“We’re certainly not looking any further than the next game.

“But I said recently that, eventually, I don’t think the Premier League is impossible – look at Luton Town.

“They got there with a brilliant structure behind the scenes.

“They gradually put building blocks in place.


“Also, they made good decisions and got their rewards.

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“However, there are clubs who try to achieve success and put themselves at huge risk financially by doing that, but this club isn’t one of them.

“The owners and myself want to create a club that’s strong for years to come.

“If we keep recruiting well, I hope there’s more to come.”

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