The hardship in Nigeria is pushing people beyond limits. Day by day, Nigerians find themselves engaging is acts that they would ordinarily not engage in.

But you see, the popular saying that an hungry man is an angry man has proven to be true.

Chaos In Kaduna As Residents Block BUA Truck, Loot Cartoons Of Noodles
Photo from the scene of the incident

In Zaria, Kaduna State, the hardship seems to have choked them, and they decided to act.

The residents of the state looted several cartons of noodles from a loaded truck belonging to the BUA Group on Friday, March 1, 2024.


Price Hike

Some angry youths in the Dogarawa area of Zaria alleged the company was among the manufacturers that were hiking their prices without considering the financial state of average citizens, and the economic hardship in the country.

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A resident from the town via a chat said the youths blocked the road and rushed to carry cartoons of noodles at the back of the truck.


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