On Monday, February 26, President Bola Tinubu launched the Geometric Power Plant in Abia State.

This good news came 20 years after the project was initiated by a former Minister of Power, Barth Nnaji.


5 Negative Things Abia Residents Are Not Seeing About Constant Light

According to the Governor of Abia State, Alex Otti, the project was as a result of the power to dream.


To him, with the power project in Aba, the city is now open to national and international businesses.

Residents of the state were overwhelmed with excitement, in fact, their joy knew no bounds.



Since one out of four turbines at the plant was switched on on Sunday, February 25, 2024, some sections of Aba have been enjoying uninterrupted power supply.

At this moment, the entire city erupted in joy.

Many residents even celebrated 48 hours of uninterrupted power supply.

A yet-to-be-identified lady was captured on camera celebrating the constant electricity.


A Thriving City

Chude who shared the video wrote, “Aba residents now enjoy 24/7 electricity.
Aba is currently the most thriving city for living and investing in Nigeria. Governance is not rocket science.”

In the video, a lady can be heard saying in both English and Igbo, “Light choke, Aba to the world. How many days now? See as A.C everywhere just dey chill.”



Indeed, the constant power supply in Abia is worth celebrating. As a matter of fact, this move is accompanied with many goodies for the state.

Numerous advantages we must say.

However, there are some disadvantages that may trail the constant power supply in the state.

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Here we will explore five of such disadvantages.

1. Negligence About Light Economy – This will result in more payment since people will be carried away in first month

2. Need To Adjust Lifestyle – Yes, people may need to adjust somethings.
For instance, you may longer be able to keep your fridge on for the whole day, if such was your lifestyle.

If you are using a prepaid meter then we are sorry for you.

3. Fire Incidents Could Happen: You see, Nigerians are always busy and in a rush.

Most times you end up finding that they are actually busy doing absolutely nothing.

Trust me, constant power supply in Abia May lead to fire outbreak as many Nigerians may forget to turn off their electrical appliances, and as we all know, this has grave consequences.

4. Waste of Power

5. Inability to covert Energy supply to income earner – Some people do not have plan of what to do with the light so they will just be paying bill without making money from it.

If you are living in Abia and you have a remote job, then we are happy for you. Your job will go smoothly.


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