“President Bola Tinubu is not happy about the state of insecurity in the country.”

“Tinubu has his eyes fixated on resolving the economic and insecurity challenge that is facing country,” Gbajabiamila said.

Bye-election: Tinubu's Eyes Fixated On Resolving Insecurity -Gbajabiamila
Chief of Staff to the President, Gbajabiamila Femi

The Chief of Staff to the president, Femi Gbajabiamila has revealed that President Bola Tinubu wants insecurity resolved as soon as possible.


Gbajabiamila made this known after casting his votes at ongoing Surulere 1 federal constituency bye-election in Lagos State.

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The former House of Representative speaker in an interview with journalists agreed that Nigerians are in a difficult time.

He said the president has not taken his eyes off putting an end to insecurity and economic challenges affecting the country.

According to him, “The president has no other thing on his mind aside solving insecurity and economic hardship.”

“The president is fixated on solving that problem. He met a lot on ground, they have been there for many years now,” he said.

Furthermore, the former speaker said, “Solving these problems is not going to be easy, but what is important is that we all join hands together as Nigerians.”


Gbajabiamila said at this point we need to forget political parties, religion, ethnicity and and try to build Nigeria together as one people.

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If we can come together as one, then we can build Nigeria again from the scratch and make it great.


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